Enthusiastic musings on contemporary dance

March 16, 2017
Split premium
Split Lucy Guerin Inc Dance Massive 2017   Two dancers: one nude, one clothed. A neutral performance space, demarcated by white tape and black tarp. A soundscape: pulsing, throbbing, rising and falling. Providing a backbone to the movement, delineating the passage of time, threaded through the whole yet strangely removed as well. Disembodied, somehow. The […]
April 7, 2015
MARMONT premium
KAORI SEKI’S TACTILE BEINGS EXPLORE INTIMACY (REPORT FROM YOKOHAMA, JAPAN) Half an hour from Tokyo, surely the world’s most futuristic city, something like an ancient rite is occurring without music, soundscape or even spoken word. There are no projections, no sets, no props. Simple lightscapes suggest periods of day and night. But subtly, surprisingly, there […]
A glorious multiplicity of detail
March 27, 2015
A glorious multiplicity of detail premium
MEETING by Anthony Hamilton and Alisdair MacIndoe   So, a few weeks ago I mentioned to my Father that I had been invited to participate in the writers workshop for Dance Massive 2015. Dad, notoriously a bit contrary, immediately responded with interrogation: “Why are you writing? What’s the purpose? Who’s it for?” (Subtext: What’s the […]
March 27, 2015
JO LLOYD CAUSES CHAOS Over the last year or so, Jo Lloyd has mentioned a desire to push her work in new directions. While many of her best-known works have sought resolution from scenarios of uncertainty, her investigations since Future Perfect have been more atmospheric, noticeably less narrative in their foundation. With ‘Confusion for Three’, […]
Body extremes – Maximum, Natalie Abbot
March 16, 2015
Body extremes – Maximum, Natalie Abbot premium
Watching two: two together, two apart, two in-sync, two wildly disparate. Two bodies, male and female, body-builder and dancer, stocky and lithe, strong and slender. Two entirely different expressions of the same set of instructions. Two entities bound – and emancipated – by the individual body’s facility. Two faces dripping with sweat, set with intention, […]
December 8, 2014
Recovery premium
Recovery, by Natalie Cursio and Shannon Bott, is a calm, surprisingly delicate exploration of the phases of grief (and per the title, recovery), after losing a loved one. I’ll start with the caveat that I was quietly just a bit worried that this would be an emotional, tear jerking, physically dramatic treatment of grief. I […]
October 8, 2014
Soma premium
This solo, developed by Amy Macpherson, was quite literally a study in extremes. Extremes of movement: both in scope; from the minuscule to the edges of physical range, and in tone – from the delicate and considered to the wild and windy. I don’t know exactly what taxonomy the work fits under, it certainly had elements […]
Blizzard by Nat Cursio
August 11, 2013
Blizzard by Nat Cursio premium
Before we entered the dimly lit performance space, Nat invited the audience to get settled down and close their eyes in order to listen for ‘a fairly long time – about 10 minutes’. Or not. As we wanted. Being an audience member who likes rules and dislikes breaking them, I had a minor fret that […]
Physical Fractals by Natalie Abbot
April 11, 2013
Physical Fractals by Natalie Abbot premium
So, I blinked and lost almost three weeks. I blame it on the Easter Bunny: over consumption of chocolate (combined with wine and hot cross buns – that most be some kind of potent barbiturate). But like Rip Van Winkle, I awake and am ready to finish up with my  feedback on Dance Massive 2013! […]
Future Perfect by Jo Lloyd
March 21, 2013
Future Perfect by Jo Lloyd premium
First some housekeeping – apologies as I am still working on posts for 247 Days, Physical Fractals and Black Project 1 & 2 – all of which I saw last week. However I went to see the opening of Future Perfect last night and while it was relevant I wanted to say ‘go – see this […]